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teenshows20in20's Journal

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20 icons in 20 days of Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill or The OC

Welcome to teenshows20in20

You will have 20 days to make 20 icons featuring a character/actor/pairing/episode of Glee, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, The OC or The Vampire Dairies according the sign-up infos.


» Themes: The themes set will include 10 themes like you would normally see in a 100 icon challenge (ie: happy, beautiful, black and white, current, light, dark, winner, young, etc.)
» Category: All icons in this set have a singular theme (ie: each icon must be a different colour, facial expressions, body parts, who knows?)
» Artists Choice: This means you can make any icons you want.


» Themes: These will be voted only in categories. (ie: if the themes are happy, angry, singing, etc. Then all participants' happy icons will be in one voting set. All angry icons will be in one voting set, etc.)
» Category: These will stay in sets and will be voted on in their sets.
» Artists Choice: These will also be voted in their sets.
» In addition to voting for sets in Category and Artist's Choice, you will vote for 6 icons of your choice.


Sign-ups Posted: 21st of Month
Challenges Starts: First of Month
Challenges Ends: 20th of Month
Voting Starts: 21st of Month
Voting Ends: 28th of Month


Basic Rules of the Community

» You will choose one Character or Actor or Pairing or Episode from Glee, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, The OC or The Vampire Dairies to make 20 icons with.

» Only one icon maker can have the Character/Actor/Pairing/Episode for that round.

» You can't use the same Character/Actor/Pairing/Episode twice in a row but every 3rd challenge is fine.

» You can only enter once per challenge.

» Your icons need to be YOURS and not made previously. No previous icons may be used.

» Your icons need to fit livejournal standard of: under 40kb, 100x100 and either .png, .gif, or .jpg file format.

» All images must be PG RATED. Meaning no nudity etc. If you're unsure, just ask :)

» Icons CAN be posted before voting goes up. You will be given posting access to the community once you sign up for a Character/Actor/Pairing/Episode.

» You can either post to the community or link us to your icon journal giving 3 examples, not just banners link to your icon post or you can post them here under a cut, still giving 3 examples before it.

» Make sure that your post in your personal journal is PUBLIC. We don't want to have to join/friend you in order to see your icons to post voting.

» Please, if you participate try to check out the other participants entries (another reason why there's an unlocked rule). You want people to check out yours and vice versa, it's fair game.

» When voting, please make sure you are not bias, even if you know who made what icon (since they are public before voting.)

»The number of placings for each round for individual icon voting (Cateogry & Artist's Choice) is decided by the number of participants.
< 20 participants - top 3
21-30 participants - top 4
31-40 participants - top 5
40 > participants - top 6

Notice Board


Sign-up here.


The idea for this group came from celeb20in20

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